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Xteamartists announced on Twitter earlier today that Andrew Yorke’s book Sharon Tate reached the top of the Amazon Best Sellers list on Valentine’s Day. Many congratulations to Andrew and crew for their hard work and success.

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Our book Sharon Tate reached no. 1! Thanks for all the support, everyone #sharontateexperience

Sharon Tate tops the bestseller list on Amazon


As part of their promotional campaign, XTA made Sharon Tate available for free through Amazon on Valentine’s Day. In that 24-hour period, over 170 units were downloaded to e-readers around the world. Sharon Tate now finds herself in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

If you have not yet discovered the story of a lifetime, you can read the first chapter online. Once you’ve finished that, purchase the book for Kindle on Amazon, and enjoy!

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