the xteamartists network

Xteamartists (XTA) is a home, a studio, and a sanctuary.

It was begun as an alternative to the work that was around us, always striving for good enough. Which just isn’t good enough. We also know we’re not perfect. Quality comes of passion and patience, not perfection. The final piece, in any medium, should carry the honesty and careful attention that immerses an audience. That has been our standard. Not everything that launches will land; we learn, adapt, overthink, and never stop at good enough.

We want to engage.

We want to entertain.

We want to challenge.

We are Xteamartists.

Stick around and get to know us. You can also stay up to date and see samples of our work.

Quality is independent.

Interested in knowing more? Do you feel like that description is a bit short? We do too. This page was one we thought ought to be available during the redesign, but it will also be very much revisited.