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We’ll be honest; it’s been a while since we’ve spent some time here. We are working to fill a few news gaps. New articles are being written in our spare time (yeah, good luck with that). There are great ideas and good intentions floating around to incorprate some visual updates here in the coming months. In the meantime, here are a few things that have transpired in our little world:

Videotape is being distributed through several streaming platforms in the US and worldwide, including Amazon Prime Video. It will soon be available in over 80 countries. If all goes well, we may have exciting news about another platform later this year.

Andrew and Kevin are currently working with a wonderful writer named Abigail M. Peterson on a thriller codenamed Splinter. It is a look at community, controversy, culpability, and cognitive dissonance. Yes, both the vagueness and the alliteration were intentional. We’re excited.

People have died and people have come into this world. We’ve lost ourselves in it, found something, and questioned we were ever lost. In other words, life happened. We hope you have enjoyed your own journey, and we extend an invation to join us in the stories we are working to bring alive.

Featured Work

After keeping to himself for months, Daniel gradually opens up to tell a story that has sealed him in alcohol, cocaine, and depression. He lays out a story of a young couple in a losing battle against the new pressures of adulthood; a group of kids fighting unmanageable change; and a young man who strikes out in desperation against his peers.

Latest News

A commune. A bunker. A broken ideologue. Our memories lie to us and reinvent themselves. A young woman returns to her isolated community in the Central American wilderness. Her last intact memory is of going into labor. It grew from there.

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Andrew Yorke won Best Picture for his short ‘Daydreaming at Midnight’ at the Sight of Sound International Film Competition. Read more and watch the award-winning short here.

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Xteamartists is pleased to announce the release of ‘Waiting for Love at Airports’, Andrew Yorke’s first short narrative to be put in circulation. Best enjoyed in and around airports, if you’re lucky enough to be finishing a return flight, it will spell ‘home’ in Technicolor.

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