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Update 1 Sept 2016: Donation: Japan was officially shut down. Highlighted videos are still featured on the YouTube channel.

Watching the events unfold in Japan, and after a mid-morning pitch from Andrew, we decided it was time to take a break. Of course, most of us were not in a position to fly to Japan and join the Red Cross in the field. We thought the best thing we could do instead was to spread the word.

In two days, after a few discussions with the Red Cross office in New York, Donation: Japan went live. We leaked a few on-line PSAs like the one above and sent press releases to the major news outlets. With all of the mire on line, Donation: Japan provides the public a single source of up-to-date news and information regarding what we can do to help, with links to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Japanese Red Cross.

Everyone at XTA wanted to help, so we looked for a way to both spread the word and make it easy for people to help out quickly. I and everyone here felt it necessary to give individuals a centralised and credible source for donation opportunities and news concerning the Japanese relief effort. We will do everything in our power to keep this running up-to-the-minute as long as possible.

Andrew Yorke

Various clips from news stations and non-profits are being featured on the Donation: Japan YouTube channel. Spread the word, and please do what you can to help bring an end to Japan’s global crisis. «»

A shattered community struggles to survive