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I was fortunate to be invited to view this film by one of its directors, Andrew Yorke, who is also one of my former students. (Many thanks, Andrew!) Videotape begins with the discovery of a pregnant woman found dead in a warehouse. All signs point to suicide, but a freelance journalist gets a tip that an eyewitness with a different story is ready to talk.

Yorke and Michael have immersed viewers into a world beyond normal youthful indiscretion, one that’s dark and safely self-contained until pressures from mainstream society shatter everything. Videotape is a raw, powerful exploration of the darker side of human nature, with crucial questions screaming to be answered.

Currently the directors do not have a distributor, but plan to enter it in several film festivals. If it comes to your city, see it.

Update 01 January 2017 [Ed.]: Videotape has secured representation with Adler & Associates Entertainment, and is currently available through a number of streaming platforms.